Dinosaurs and other cool things

Photo by Ellicia on Unsplash

I remember the first time I saw something on the internet. I was quite young. Around 10 or 11 or maybe even younger. My father had bought a laptop. Back in the day my school van used to drop me at my father’s shop after school and my father would take me home from there. I vividly remember that I was in my school uniform probably after being dropped by the school van. My father told me something about the internet and being able to search for all sorts of knowledge in it. He had the laptop at his table and he asked me to come and take a look. I genuinely don’t remember what the home screen of the search engine looked like. I’m assuming it was either Firefox or the infamously fast internet explorer.

My father asked me what I wanted to search about. That was like teling me I could have any book in the world, and asking me what book I was going to choose. This was difficult. I decided that I wanted to know about something that wasn’t very easy to learn about at the time, for me. And so, I thought about it and told him I wanted to know about “Dinosaurs”. (I know you’re proud of me Ross)

My father typed the word into the search box, and I remember really pretty images of dinosaurs popping up on the screen along with links to various articles. It was the first time I had seen anything like that and I was pleasantly impressed.

Like for most of us, my relationship with the internet evolved from there, from being completely unaware of it to the point of barely being connected to anyone outside home without it. At this point I always have a reason to browse the internet. It’s either something to do with studies, or some other work. I never actually wonder about things like Dinosaurs out of nowhere and think of googling it. Sometimes I miss the little girl who used to be fascinated about random things to the point of googling it. I think about the little girl in uniform peeping over my father’s laptop and marveling at the pictures of dinosaurs on the screen.

I’m thankful for that girl for being who she was and doing what she did. Hopefully some years down the line I’ll be thankful for who I am today.

Thank you Kasun Ranasinghe aiya for inviting me to come up with a story. I took a walk down the memory lane and came up with this story. :)